2019 Schedule


In 2018 The First Tee of Beaver Falls Board of Directors made the decision to expand our participants opportunities by merging with The First Tee of Pittsburgh. Our programs will continue to deliver high quality coaching in a fun and seamless manner while keeping with our mission.   The partnership with Black Hawk Golf Course will continue and will work toward developing further programming opportunites for participants in the spring and fall: helping our participants learn, grow and develop on and off the golf course.  With this merger comes change. The biggest change will be in scheduling by level and registraton on line. Once the scheduling is complete The First Tee of Beaver Falls website will be redirected with new information found at:


To be consistant, Coach Bryce Egger and Coach Mitchell Pulleo have worked with Pittsburgh to finish the 2019 schedule details and registration process.  Participants will no longer attend sessions on consecutive days as in the past.  The new schedule will have specific days for specific levels.
 All PLAYER level Participants will attend  every Tuesday for 7 weeks
All PAR skill level participants will attend every Wednesday for 7 week
All BIRDIE skill level participants will attend every Thursday for 7 weeks
All EAGLE skill level participants will attend every Friday for 7 weeks
TARGET Level will attend on Friday for 3 weeks 9:30 - 10:30

REGISTRATION will be on line with detail instruction to follow.
There will be one registration day held at Black Hawk Golf Course
Pavilion (June 1st  12:-- to 3:00) 



Fees will be $60 per session per participant for households earning $50,000 per year or more, AND only $30 for households earning less than $50,000 per year.  
owever, no kid is ever turned away for the inability to pay. 

Scholarships (Financial Aid) are available for ALL clinics at ALL locations and are based on your families need of support. To apply, you must complete your request online as part of the official registration process. Once the chapter is able to review your request, you will be notified on the level of scholarship provided and alerted to complete registration and confirm your child’s spot in the program.

The First Tee of Pittsburgh will be communicating with you thru "Constant Contact" emails.  Be sure to watch your spam folders. To make sure you don't miss anything, watch for this communication and add the sending address to your address book
Present website information can be found at 


For new participants ages 7 and above as well as all PLAYerstages:

The 10:30am-12:00pm timeslot tends to fill quickly and in the case of increased registration,participants ages 7-9 that are registered late may need to attend the 8:45am-10:15am timeslot.
Example 1: A 12 year old first year participant will attend Tuesday mornings at 8:45.
Example 2: An 8 year old PLAYer II participant will attend Tuesday mornings at 10:30.
For participants in all Par stages:

Example 1: An 11 year old Par III participant will attend Wednesday mornings at 8:45.
Example 2: A 9 year old Par II participant will attend Wednesday mornings at 10:30.
For participants in all Birdie stages:

For participants in all Eagle stages:

For participants ages 4-6 in the TARGET program:


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